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Organization XIII
Number II
Title The Eclipsed Aggressor
Weapon Darkness
Attribute Shadow
Limit Murky Abyss
Forms Vengeance Form
First Appearance TBA
Original Name ???
Home World ???

Arxanum, the Eclipsed Aggressor, (エクリプス アグレッサー, Ekuripusu Aguressā) is a character in Organization XIII: The Successors. He is number II in the rankings. He carries no specific weapon, but manipulates the power of darkness.

He appears as one of the main villains in the story. He is one of the only Organization XIII members that doesn't appear as a party member, but an assistance.


Completely nothing is known about his past and his time as a somebody. He appeared at The World That Never Was one day, seeking power. He requests to join, but Xemnas persuaded him to join their second group.


Arxanum has two scars (similar to Xigbar), one that goes from his cheek to his nose, and one that goes from his forehead to his left temple. He has long black hair that goes down to his hips.


Arxanum is a calm, but short tempered character.

Fighting Style

Arxanum carries no weapon. He only uses his dark magic to attack. Like a Shadow, he is able to descend into his own shadow. Almost all of his attacks involves darkness.

Arxanum is overall a very difficult enemy. When he uses his glide, dark aura sprouts in his trail. Occasionally, he flies near his enemy and strikes with dark physical moves. He also fires spheres or darkness. He constantly attacks like this though out the battle.

His Limit, Murky Abyss is used after a quarter of his HP is left. The entire field goes dark, and him and his enemies starts falling. The rest of the battle is mainly aerial.

When defeated, Arxanum activates his form, Vengeance Form. It is simular to anti-form, but he is transformed into a beast, tree times as big as his original state. In this form, he charges and jumps on foes, causing earthquakes.

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