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Kana アル (Aru)
Alias Xura (ズラ, Zura)
Type Human
Role Neutral
Home World Land of Qualification
Weapon Keyblade (Kingdom Key)
Status Alive

Aru is a character in Organization XIII: The Successors. Aru is secretly the only member in the New Organization XIII that has a heart. She joins because she has strong feelings for her best friend, Netta, who turned into a Nobody. She believes that there's at least a few emotion inside him.


After Netta disappeared, Aru became devastated. She searched around the entire island, but had no luck finding him. Two days passed, and she found a way to leave her world. She ended up at the World that Never Was, and joined the Organization, disguised as Xura. She is now assisting the Organization achieve their goal.


Aru has shown to be clumsy. She occasionally forgets that she is trying to act as a Nobody and sometimes she tries too hard. She is also seen nervous around Xantet, making Limix and Xylon wonder if she's a real nobody.


Aru wears the Organization's black coat, gloves and shoes. She has light blue eyes and long, dirty blond hair.

Fighting Style

Aru's attacks are weak and very slow recovery, but she has strong defense, giving her and advantage in offense. She also specialize in magic.

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