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Art Galt
Origin First Blood (1982)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World Rambo Universe
Family Unnamed Wife (As said by Teasle)
Weapon Riot Stick, Sniper Rifle
Status Dead

Art Galt is a villain from the Rambo series and a Hope Washington deputy.


Galt is first seen when Teasle brings Sora, Kairi, Riku and Rambo in for vagrancy, resisting arrest and carrying weapons. Art Galt brings them down to the basement and gets their identities before he begins to "clean" the 4. The 4 felt the hose was torture. As Goofy watched in horror as they were about to shave the 4, Donald threw a flashbang through a window, blinding Galt and allowing the 4 to escape. Galt then attempts revenge in a helicopter with a sniper rifle. While Sora distracts Galt, Rambo throws a rock at the helicopter's cockpit and then Galt finally falls out into the gorge. Teasle seeing this was distraught at first, but after a telepathic meeting with Maleficent plans to avenge his friend.


In the first battle with Art Galt, he will first use a riot stick as most police officers would against criminals. He can use take a gun and try to fire it at you. In the second battle with him, Galt will he using a sniper rifle form a helicopter and you will have to jump at him to attack.


  • I'm starting to dislike you...a LOT.
  • Well the man did say "clean 'em up." So clean 'em up.
  • Alright hurry it the fuck up. It's time for a coffee break.
  • That's okay warden, don't worry 'bout the soap, they're tough. Just shave 'em, dry!
  • If you don't fly this thing right, I'll just kill you myself.
  • There he is! Over there dummy!

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