Origin Fan-Made
Original Name Unknown; some connection to Sora
Role Antagnoist
Age 20
Home World The Innards of Darkness
Weapon Unknown
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive
"My name, Riku. Aros."
—Aros to Riku before the former vanishes through a portal of Darkness.

Aros - also known as The Mysterious Man, The Hooded Guy and The Man In The Hood - is a mysterious person who keeps appearing during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Revenge of Maleficent. He is an unknown entity who has some connection to Sora.

Journal Entries

First Entry A mysterious figure clouded in darkness. Who is he, where do his loyalties lie and what is his plan?

Second Entry His identity, loyalty and plan is unknown.

Third Entry Aros is a mysterious figure who has some connection to Sora. Aros claims that he has seen Sora several times before and knows what Sora will do in the future. He also holds a terrible grudge on Riku and seems rather fond of Kairi.

Fourth Entry Aros has been manipulating events behind the scenes ever since Maleficent turned her attention back to Kingdom Hearts and he is the source of everything that has happened since then. He knows Sora, Riku and Kairi really well; while fond of Kairi, he loathes Riku and hasn't revealed how he feels about Sora.

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