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Argus Soul
Type Human/Lion Hybrid
Role Protagonist
Age 36
Home World Blacklight City(hometown), Bandit's Desert(current residence)
Family Wife(deceased), Aros Soul(son)
Weapon None
Attribute Darkness
Argus Soul is an important character in Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story. He is a strange man who has several traits of a lion. He used to work for a bio-chemistry corporation called Knightro and tested their "ultimate" experiment which, unfortunately, failed. He left his son, Aros at an orphan home in his home town of Blacklight City before setting out towards The Bandit's Desert.


Before the experiment, Argus was a normal man with a fairly muscular build, spikey dark brown hair, thin goatee and green eyes. After the experiment went wrong, Argus began to take on certain physical traits of a lion, notably his tail, cat-ears, lion-like legs, his face, which has developed a short lion's snout, and his left arm, which has become an actual lion's fore-leg, making him unable to move the fingers on that arm the way a human should. To hide his face, Argus wears a scarf red bandages, similar to the ones DiZ wore in KH:CoM and KHII. Believing that his left arm is ugly and useless, Argus has it tied to his side with a white sling. He is dressed in a black coat, which is unbuttoned, revealing that his chest is covered in fur. He wears tattered brown pants and no shoes, as his lion-like feet are incapable of wearing any.


Argus used to be quite friendly and positive, known as a trustworthy friend and dedicated husband. However, his job required him to secretive about his work at the lab, often giving some people the wrong impression. He was eager to test the lab's "new gene experiment", up to the point of becoming the test subject himself.

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