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Arena of Fantasies
AOF Logo.png
Origin Final Fantasy X
Theme Music As of yet, none.
Battle Music As of yet, none.
Party Member Tidus

Arena of Fantasies (ファンタジーアリーナ, Fantajī Arīna, lit. "Fantasy Arena") is a fan-made world in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. It is a world where tournaments are held, and serves a similar purpose like the Olympus Coliseum.



  • Wing Blade has stated that Arena of Fantasies will be a world that looked like Luca Stadium, an area found in Final Fantasy X. Giving reason why Lightning and Serah was replaced by Tidus and Yuna and we're moved to Radiant Garden.
  • The logo of the world is the tradition Final Fantasy logo, having the traditional font and a line underneath. The logo features the trophy obtained by the Besaid Aurochs in Luca in Final Fantasy X which is colored light blue, being the color Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories.
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