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This article is about the character from Kingdom Hearts: Shades of Gray. You may be looking for other uses of Aqua.
Aqua Gray
Kana アクアグレー (Akua Gurē)
Type Human
Role Protagonist, Ally (KH: Shades of Gray)
Minor Character (KHL II)
Home World Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion (Origin)
Twilight Town (current residence)
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute ???

Aqua Gray is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Shades of Gray and possibly Kingdom Hearts Legacy II.



Birth By Sleep

See here.


Aqua is briefly mentioned during a conversation between her daughter and husband. This is, thus far, her only appearance in that story.

KH: Shades of Gray

After the events of Birth By Sleep, Vector Gray traveled to the Realm of Darkness, and eventually rescued her. Within a few years, the two were wed (during BBS, they'd been on-and-off dating), and eventually had a daughter by the name of Deneve Gray.


The following is a list of quotations associated with Aqua Gray.

Battle Quotes

Victory Quotes

Defeat Quotes

“I can’t afford… to lose…..”
“No! I can't let it... end... like this!”
“Finish me… you bastard…” (if and when defeated by Vanitas)
“I’m sorry…..”

Out-of-Battle Quotes

“If you take even one more step towards my daughter, I’ll shred you to pieces!”

Fighting style and Abilities

Main article: Aqua Gray/Abilities


Birth By Sleep

Shades of Gray


When Vector and Deneve have a discussion upon their first meeting in that universe, Vector asks who Deneve's mother would've been, and she replies that her mother is a Keybearer named Aqua.


Family: Johnathan and Elizabeth Gray -- parents-in-law (both deceased, taken by Heartless); Freya Gray -- younger sister-in-law (deceased, killed during the First Battle for Hollow Bastion while in the service of H.R.M. King Mickey); Deneve Gray -- daughter; Vector Gray -- husband.


Other Forms

  • Data Form (Space Paranoids)
  • Retro Form (Timeless River)
  • Terror Form (Halloween Town)


Aqua is the Latin term for water, a note of her connection with Kairi.

She took "Gray" as her surname upon marrying Vector Gray.


Shades of Gray

Aqua is the main protagonist's mother, and a playable character in some side missions. After defeating the resurrected Vanitas with Deneve, Aqua becomes a selectable character throughout the entire New Game Plus.

While Deneve is usually fighting Vanitas's forces, Aqua tends to focus more on securing the victimized worlds from future attacks.


Other Appearances

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