Origin Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Alias Master Aqua
Aqua, Master of the Keyblade
Aqua, Master of the Land of Departure
Role Ally
Age 17 (Should be 29, but has stopped ageing due to the Darkness)
Home World The Land of Departure
Weapon Rainfell
Status Alive
"Terra. We don't blame you... no, listen! We don't blame you at all. Master Xehanort fooled all of us, even Master Eraqus didn't believe that Master Xehanort had fallen to Darkness."
—Aqua trying to persuade Terra that she and Ventus don't blame him for what happened.

Aqua, from The Land of Departure, is the last person to have become a Keyblade Master in the last twelve years. Trapped in the Realm of Darkness, she has wandered through it for twelve years. Now, she wishes to be reunited with Terra and Ventus.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Twelve years ago, Aqua willingly threw herself into the Darkness in an attempt to save Terra. She was unsuccessful and remained trapped their for twelve years wandering through it for all that time. Apparently, in the Darkness she met someone who knows King Mickey - or at least, they claim they do.

Second Entry

Twelve years ago, after losing herself in the Darkness to save Terra, Aqua came across Ansem the Wise, who told her what happened and they both discovered that they knew King Mickey. Now freed from the Darkness, Aqua is trying to get through to Terra, who refuses to talk to her because of what he did. Does she know the location of their friend Ventus? And why does she keep looking oddly at Sora? Does she know something?

Third Entry

Best friend of Terra and Ventus, Aqua has spent twelve years searching for a way out of the Darkness to be reunited with them - and she has partially succeeded for she has been reunited with Terra, but he doesn't want anything to do with her because of his actions. The two of them, along with Sora and company, have teamed up to find Ventus, but what does Aqua know about Ventus's location? And why does she look at Sora with a strange expression?

Fourth Entry

Aqua, the only Keyblade Master in the last twelve years, has been reunited with one of her friends, and now searches for Ventus; his body resides in a place called Castle Oblivion, but there is a problem with retrieving it for, after Marluxia's betrayal, Xemnas destroyed Castle Oblivion so that no-one else could use it. Now, the location of Ventus's body is unknown, but his heart lies in Sora. Perhaps he can guide the way to Ventus's body?

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