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Kana アクア
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (2010)
Type Human
Role Party Member
Gender Female
Alignment Guardians of Light
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Rainfell (initial)
Master Keeper (inherited from Eraqus)
Attribute Water
Status Alive
English Voice Willa Holland
Japanese Voice Megumi Togoyuchi

Aqua is a Keyblade Master who trained under Master Eraqus. She also pilots the Wisdom Machine during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising.


Getterborn Rising

When the Getterborn Riots begin, Aqua comes to Sora and Lea's aid as they protect Twilight Town, and then joins them to find Goken, acquiring the Wisdom Machine from him.


  • As of Getterborn Rising, Aqua has the most playable appearances out of the Wayfinder Trio.
  • Aqua appears to know Master Goken, and is quite respectful towards him despite his (initial) reluctance to help fight the Getterborn.