Antoine D'Coolette
Alias Ant, Goldilocks (by Alexis)
Type Coyote; Somebody
Role Protagonist
Age 19
Home World Aleannas
Family Bunnie Rabbott (Wife)
Weapon Sword
Attribute None
Status Alive

Antoine D'Coolette is a protagonist in Heroes From An Old World, serving under Princess Sally to help out the Royan Acorn Kingdom with his military knowledge.


Antoine is a brown furred coyote with a tan muzzle and a yellow tuft of hair atop his head. Antoine usually wears his standard issue Royal Acorn soldier's outfit, which is a blue tunic with red outlines, two golden shoulder straps, a red with yellow outlines cufflink on the end of the shirt sleeves, and a buckled belt with a gold buckle. Antoine's shoes are mere red boots with a grey bottom.

Heroes From An Old World Plot Significance

First Appearance

Antoine debuted in Chapter 12, coming to Princess Sally after finding that his cousin Alexis and his companions have arrived from Fantasio. Antoine was a bit more uptight that Princess Sally in his greetings, but that still didn't stop Alexis from poking fun at him by calling him Goldilocks, much to Antoine's dismay.

Scourge V. Knothole Village

Antoine later appeared in Chapter 21 in the background, observing Scourge's trial from the stands. He had one minor speaking role in this, when he got angry at Prosecutor Kryden's motives for questioning, but he was silenced before he could embarass himself.


  • Antoine speaks in a French accent.

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