Anthony DiNotte
Kana カイカ ヤブン
Origin Fan-Made
Original Name Kaika Yabun
Type Somebody
Role Main Protagonist
Age 16
Home World Spellbound Ascension
Family Mother
Weapon Various Keyblades
Attribute Twilight
Status Alive

Anthony DiNotte is one of the three main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. He is shy and unassuming, but if you press his berserk button, watch out! He has a tendency to be so soft-spoken that others can't understand what he says the first time.


Anthony is a tall, skinny boy who stands at 5' 11", though he's so demure and quiet that even being as tall as he is you might not notice him for a few minutes. He wears a black hooded vest over a white longsleeve shirt and black jeans with three different studded belts looped around his hips. On his shoulder is a small section of his armor, which is colored silver and red. He has black tennis shoes with white laces, and his black hair tumbles past his ears; it contrasts his fair skin nicely. His eyes change from green to amber, though not a yellow-ish amber (like Cleo), but more of a honey-amber. In Atlantica, he takes on the form of a merman with an orca tail.


Anthony is quiet and often doesn't talk when around strangers. He opens up when people are in need, though, and has a weakness for helping people (blame it on his lack of darkness). He likes rain and water, and enjoys starry skies and calm nights. His favorite sport is swimming, and his favorite hobby is reading. His berserk button, which is about the only time he acts anything but kind and mousy, is his friends and their safety. Mess with his friends, and Anthony transforms from a sweet cupid to a furious seraph. Being devoid of any darkness in his heart, not only is he naive to a fault, but he also cannot use any Dark-based or Gravity-based magic (Time-based magic is still available to him, though). If he were assigned a role as a sibling, he would be the middle-child brother.




Skills and Abilities

Offensive Abilities

  • Attack - A normal attack
  • Strike Raid - Throw your Keyblade at an enemy from far away
  • Quick Blitz - A quick forward rush with a downward thrust
  • Vortex - Close in on enemies from far away
  • Counterattack - Quickly transitions into an Attack after Guarding

More Abilities as his story progresses!

Defensive Abilities

  • Guard - Block frontal attacks to stagger your opponent
  • Dodge Roll - Roll out of the way to avoid attacks. You're invincible while you're rolling
  • Cheer - Increases Summon, Limit, and D-Link duration

More Abilities as his story progresses!

Special Abilities

  • Lucky Star - Slightly increases your luck, allowing you to get better drops from enemies
  • Draw - Draws in orbs for easier collecting. Equip more to boost the effect

More Abilities as his story progresses!


Coming Soon!


  • Anthony and his dark side, Cleo, are a shout out to the characters of antiquity, Marc Antony and Cleopatra.
  • While Anthony's surname means "of [the] night", Cleo's simply means "of [the] dark".
  • While he may be somewhat like Ven and Roxas, he is distinctly more sheepish with people than they are.
  • Anthony's favorite food is revealed in Disney Town to be corndogs.
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