Another No Name
(別の名前がありません Another No Name)
3d keyblade another no name by marduk kurios-d57zgi0
|150 cm|Another No Name]]
"A corrupt Keyblade with a unnatural scent of darkness."
Strength Magic
+13 +13
Defense Speed
-1 +13
Impossible to obtain

Another No Name is Xehanort (KHG)'s Keyblade which will appear in Kingdom Hearts: Generations.


Another No Name resembles a fusion of No Name and his old Keyblade Dark Guardian. It significantly resembles No Name, in that it is predominantly colored in different shades of blue and is decorated with elaborate, spiked shapes. The tip is modeled after a stopwatch, while the teeth are diamond-shaped spikes that are connected by a black web structure similar to the design on the base of the top spire of Memory's Skyscraper. The Keychain shares the time theme represented in the blade, with an hourglass as its token. The shaft resembles Xemnas' Ethereal Blade-like weapons, and the blade features an ever-present glow. The Keyblade also has elements from Dark Guardian, such as the horned demon head that appears at the end of the shaft and the blue demonic eye shared by the Soul Eater, Way to the Dawn, Chaos Ripper, Void Gear and Dark Guardian.


  • This photo along with the other Keyblades are made by Marduk-Kurios, a DeviantARTist who gave the creator of the manga his permission to use these photos.


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