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Anna Wolf
Kana アンナウルフ
Original Name none
Type human
Role ally
Age 9
Home World World of Okami
Family Dawn Wolf Alex Wolf
Weapon Sword
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Anna Wolf is a major protagonist in Kingdom Hearts The Data book and a wielder of magic sword. she is 13 at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts The Data book. Anna's signature weapon is The sword of the moon. she is the twin of Dawn Wolf. And younger Sister of Aqua Wolf and Alex Wolf. And son of Alexis and Dante.




Rayo de luna


Anna wears a black skirt and Black jacket. She has a scar on her back She got from fighting. She has 2 blue eyes.

Rayo de Luna

Rayo de luna In this form Anna's sword changes into a bigger Sword she summons a tiny Heartless and Data blocks.

Fighting style

In her Form She uses the Data blocks to attack after she is done attack she can find the weakness of her Enemy. After finding the weakness of the enemy she uses to her advantage. Very rarely does she use her Sword in battle. The mini Heartless with her can read the data blocks as well as fight. Anna Wolf/Abilities


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