Angelus Aquila
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Origin Kingdom Hearts 4
Type Human
Role Keyblade Master
Age 25 - 29 (KH: Origins)
31 (1st sequel)
38 (2nd sequel)
41 (3rd sequel)
45 (KH 4 and spin offs)
46 (5, 6 and spin offs)
49 (KH 8 and spin offs)
53(KH 9)
56 (KH 10)
63 (KH 11)
69 (KH 12)
Home World Destiny Islands
Family Miles Aquila(Oldest Son)
Jessica Aquila (Daughter)
Kaze Aquila (Youngest Son)
Weapon The Angel's key
Death's wing
Status Alive
Angelus Aquila is the father of Miles Aquila. He first appeared as a brainwashed antagonist in Kingdom Hearts 4, but appeared as a supporting character in it's sequels. He was also the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Origins and it's sequels. He was orginally the apprentice of Master Xehanort and a member of the Keyblade order, until he discovered his master's betrayal and as a result he was exiled from the order. Ever since he swore to expose him for the monster he truly is. He is voiced by Paul Bettany, while Philip Shahbaz voiced him in Kingdom Hearts: Origins.


Angelus bears an uncanny resemblance to Paul Bettany and is 6 foot tall.
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A young Angelus under the tutelage of Xehanort.


A young Angelus, hoodless.


Durring his youth Angelus was brash and cocky. While in adult hood he was a well meaning and responsible father. He cared for his son and his wife.


  • Angelus means "Angel" in Latin.
  • Angelus is the oldest and tallest playable character in the series.

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