Angelo Palazzi
Origin Thunderball (1965)
Type Somebody
Role Support Villain
Home World James Bond universe
Weapon Gamma Gas
Status Dead
Angelo Palazzi was hired by SPECTRE to be the doppleganger of Francois Derval.


Palazzi is first spied on at a health clinic by James Bond during a plastic operation. It is revealed that he is using the face of Francois Derval to steal 2 atomic bombs. Palazzi enters Derval's home and kills him before being given the payment. Angelo demanded a quarter of a million to get the operation well in hand and then bids "Ciao." like Derval did before his death. At the NATO base, he takes the Vulcan bomber, gases the crew to death and steals the bombs. He crashes into the sea and is killed by Emilio Largo for demanding a high reward of money. Sora and Bond take Francois's ID disc and his watch later on to confirm Derval's death.

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