Angel's Wisdom
 Enjerusu Uisudamu)
Angel's Wisdom
"A Keyblade blessed with the wisdom of an angel."
Strength Magic
+5 +6

Angel's Wisdom is a Keychain for Suné's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. This Keyblade is the sister Keyblade of Demon's Valor.


Much like Fresh Breeze, Angel's Wisdom is a peculiar Keyblade, with the hilt and guard positioned off the shaft, rather than aligned with it. Due to its unique construction, Angel's Wisdom is designed to be wielded in reverse. It's held teeth-forward, as the hilt and guard were located on the opposite side from the blade's teeth. The Keyblade bears two angel wings, one as the teeth and one as the guard. It also bears two hearts, one on top on blade and one near the chain design, and a blue diamond on top of the handle. The chain design appears to ten beads, five cylindrical bead and five spheres, and the Keychain appears to be a blue flame found Sora's Wisdom Form outfit.

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