Anfang, The Northern Skyline
Origin Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
Demonym {{{demonym}}}
Head of State Torsten Diekmann
Head of Government {{{headofgovernment}}}
Government Centralized world within the Principality of Lucidia
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Stories Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight
Theme Music Terra
Battle Music The Final Overture

Anfang, the Northern Skyline is a world in Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight. Located east of the Lucidian Capital, Walküre, Anfang, despite being close to the sea, is surprisingly mountainous, with it's highest peak, Mt. Anfang, measuring up to about 1100 feet. A town runs up across the coastline, and it serves as a tourist attraction to the people. It is the home of Keyblade Master Jakob Pfeiffer.


Anfang as a city is separated into three districts, the Southern Coast, the Northern Coast and the Interior, these districts are connected via both rail and by road.

The Southern Coast is the Industrial and Military District for Anfang, with many Lucidian military assets, sans the Air Base is located there. The Imperial Lucidian Navy Northern Fleet HQ is also located here.

The Northern Coast is the tourist attraction area as well as the Business District, and many people from across the multiverse come here to spend their time in this world. Anfang Imperial Air Force Base is located here, and many top-tier Gummi Ships are flown in from this region to other military bases across the Empire. Master Jakob's residence, Adler Mansion, is located along the beach here as well.

The Interior is the Residential District of Anfang, and their are no remarkable areas of interest in the area.


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