Sure, I sense Ana's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Type Human
Role Protagonist
Home World Destiny Islands
Weapon Kairi's keyblade
Attribute Light
Status Heartless

Ana is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Road To Dawn. She is Gabriel's love interest and best friends with Nathan.

She was very easily able to summon and use Kairi's keyblade, because she has an exceptionally strong connection to Gabriel who is able to wield a keyblade.

Ana grew up on the Destiny Islands alongside Riku, Sora, Kairi, Gabriel, and Nathan.

When the Islands were attacked by unbirths, heartless and nobodies she, Gabriel and ,Nathan went into hiding as Riku, Sora, and Kairi fought. After a long battle against the swarm of enemies Kairi was killed by a samurai nobody. Sora became blinded by rage and destroyed the nobody but he was to focused on it that he didn't notice the neoshadow behind him and he too was killed. In an attempt to save his friends Riku put all his power into 1 blast and destroyed all but 6 of the enemies, but he was to weak to go on and died. Gabriel saw it happen and therefore tried to go to his father (who he believed to just be his best friend) but was held back by Ana and Nathan. He escaped there grasp and dashed for Riku's keyblade which he was surprised to be able to hold and he dashed across the enemies finishing them off with 1 blow each.Ana thenpicked up Kari's keyblade and dug it into the ground alongside Kairi herself.


Leaving the islands

1 year later Gabriel wanted to travel the worlds and find a new family so Ana accompanied him but when they left to The World That Never Was by traveling through the corridors of darkness, they was attacked by a Twilight Thorn. Even after putting up a fight, using Riku and Kairi's keyblades, they were defeated, and therefore turned into Heartless. There Nobodies, Xirbealg and Axna were immediately born In Twilight Town.

Complete Once More

After a great struggle against Akatsuki, Xirbealg falls to his death but before reaching the ground Axna caught him. She saw that he was dying and started to cry but as the tears landed on Xirbealg a heart came out from each of them and went into the other. Their wounds healed and they returned to their original bodies. They went up to the other remaining members of Organization XXI and saw two new faces among them. Sasuke stepped up and hugged Ana and Gabriel, introducing them to Sakura and Naruto. Everyone sensed an enormous ammount of power coming from Gabriel as he fainted. Sasuke carried him and they all returned to Twilight Town.


  • No... I'll go with you.
  • Gabriel, no!!!
  • I... I'm me again.
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