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"Let go of Sonic's stalker, identity-stealing, hammer-wielding, whining, slow, dead-wright, anger-issued, panty-flashing, hedgehog-turned-human girlfriend right now!"
Shadow to Amy's three kidnappers in Chapter 20

Amy Rose is a friend of Sonic's, and she considers herself Sonic's girlfriend through much of the main canon and the storyline of SRC. She first appeared in Sonic CD, and since then she has been following Sonic around for much of her life.


"I'm ready!"
—Amy upon donning her new outfit in Chapter 24

Amy Rose has had two outfits ever since her introduction in Sonic's Reality Check.

From Chapter 1 to Chapter 24

  • Amy's normal pink-and-white dress from the canon series with her in it is relatively unchanged, although it seems to have been slightly modified to resemble typical human clothing.
  • The same red high-heel-like shoes with a white stripe going down the middle

From the Rest of Chapter 24 Onward

  • Amy keeps her hair and shoes
  • red headband without jewels


"Now fetch me a cute pair of slippers!"
—Amy orderering her "kidnappers" around

Amy Rose has shown qualities such as being a good friend and a worthy opponent because of her fiery personality in the series. She also has a tendancy to go over-the-top with Sonic in the first twenty chapters of SRC, often glomping him, chasing him down, and performing many crazed SonAmy jokes spontaneously.

Her personality seems to be (out of the original six) the second most changed, as she acts way more daring than her normal self, and goes so far as to creepily stalk Sonic until Sonic saves her in Chapter 20. Even after that, she still chases him around on occasion, but not as much as before.

Amy's Role

Full role coming soon...


Coming soon...


  • Amy wearing white exercise pants as part of her design sometimes is based off of her appearance in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
  • Amy's second design was based off of a dollmaker on deviantART created specifically for Sonic OC's.
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