Sure, I sense Aluminum Dandelion's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Aluminum Dandelion
"A Keyblade gained by Nebula's trust in you."
Strength Magic
+2 +3
Cure Boost - Cure magic is increased in potency
Defeat Nebula in a practice match after she obtains her battle armor.

The Aluminum Dandelion is the first Keyblade Aqua gets in Heroes From An Old World , aside from Master Eraqus's Keyblade. The Aluminum Dandelion can only be obtained after you fight against Nebula in a practice match and win.


The Aluminum Dandelion is dark green and black in overall color. The guard of the Keyblade is shaped in a sense like a split maple leaf, with one side of the guard being one half of the maple leaf, and the other side being the other half of the leaf, respectively. The blade of the Aluminum Dandelion is shaped in a similar way to the Hidden Dragon Keyblade, except the teeth form into two blooming flower-like teeth that go on both sides of the Keyblade's tip. The main part of the blade has a mix of dark green-and-black streaks, with the dark green being the major color while the black outlines the different features of the Keyblade. The teeth of the Keyblade also bear similarity to the teeth of the Hidden Dragon Keyblade, except for the fact that it has been slightly changed to resemble two flowers.

The keychain is the lucky charm Nebula handed over to Aqua as a token of appreciation; that is to say, it is a faux dandelion head, painted yellow but still showing some grey splotches.


  • The Aluminum Dandelion bears resemblance to the Hidden Dragon Keyblade.
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