Altma (KH: Ultima)
Ultima Weapon.jpg
Age unknown
Title The Ultimate Weapon
Occupation Servant of Mephilose
Family None
Gender unknown
First appearance KH: Ultima
Original name Ultima Weapon

Altma, also known as "Ultima Weapon", is a creation of Mephilose Draygohn, designed in his image. It is a large creature, easily the size of a Darkside Heartless, but much more deadly.

Altma is loyal to it's creator, and will carry out his orders with pleasure.


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It is a merciless creature, and claims to be "Strength given form". It shows no remorse for its actions, but it's shows great pleasure when serving Mephilose.

Abilities and Aspects

  • Can create "Laser Cutter Beams" from it's hands.
  • Can make a "Force Repulse Boom" from around it.
  • It's "Ultima Cannon" attack is very deadly.
  • It's claws can rend flesh.
  • It's tail hits like a whip.


Altma's theme is the same theme as the battle against Ultima weapon in Final Fantasy XIV.


FFXIV OST - Ultima Weapon's Theme

Altma's theme

Notes and Trivia

  • Based on Ultima Weapon from Final fantasy XIV.
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