• Let's go!
  • You're on!
  • This.. Is for everyone..!
  • No problem.
  • Maybe I shouldn't have chugged so much soda...
— when HP is low
  • I can do it!!
— when HP is low
  • I have to... To go home.
— when opponent is stronger
  • Can't you pick on someone your own size?
— when opponent is stronger
  • You're gone!
— when opponent is weaker
  • If you run away now, I won't judge ya.
— when opponent is weaker

Character Specific

  • Alex - You're a little young to be fighting here...
  • Alpha -
  • Ayano -
  • Benevolence - How did a little girl turn into this?
  • Bradley - Nice coat, dude.
  • Crono - I'll stop you, and finish this..!
  • Insiminy - Whoa! There are kids here, lady!
  • Kami - Someone's a little full of himself...
  • Kexon - Don't let your past confuse you.
  • Nathaniel - Man, you're the poster boy for Botox.
  • Owen - You can do a lot better than you think..!
  • Saule - Your memories will come back. Don't look so down!
  • Sengo - I never did like the cold...
  • Shadow - Never run from your friends...
  • Suné - I wish I could always be so optimistic as you...
  • Ulmia - How'd you get your hair that color?
  • Xela - You're so innocent, so why are you against us..?
  • Xelmes -
  • Xion - Haven't I seen you in something called a DS before..?
  • Xolduc - The weak aren't your playthings!!
  • Yami - The darkness doesn't have to overcome you!


  • Haha! Told ya I'd win!
  • I can feel the power...!
  • One step closer...
  • You had no chance.
  • Whew. Time to lay down...
— when HP is low
  • Aye aye aye. Anybody got a bandaid?
— when HP is low
  • I knew I could do it!
— when opponent is stronger
  • You were out of your league!
— when opponent is stronger
  • Pace yourself next time.
— when opponent is weaker
  • Keep training!
— when opponent is weaker


  • Ouch... bummer.
  • I feel like I'm drowning...
  • I feel so weak...
  • Aagh.. You cheated!
  • How will I get home now..?
  • I let everyone down...
  • I don't know when to quit...
— when opponent is stronger
  • That wasn't fair!
— when opponent is stronger
  • That's what I get for pulling my punches...
— when opponent is weaker
  • My reputation's shot...
— when opponent is weaker
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