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Allen Trius
Name Allen Trius
Kana アレンたちをトリ (Aren-tachi o tori)
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts: Awakening
Alias Allen
Type Human
Alignment Good
Age 19
Rival Crono Silverius
Weapon Waterborn
Attribute None
"An optimistic, light-hearted youth with secret, melancholy urgings to return to his home."

Allen Trius is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts originating from Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. He is on the good side, fighting Sora and his villains, with Crono Silverius as his rival.

He has a versatile fighting style, in which he dashes fast around his opponents and strikes them multiple times.


Allen wears a torn pair of white overalls with a black hooded shirt with the left sleeve torn off, instead covering his arm with a white pauldron and black gauntlet. Around his neck is a pendant with a Mickey insignia.

Allen's first alternate costume depicts him in a color swap of his normal outfit. He wears blue overalls with a gray hooded shirt, a black pauldron, and a white gauntlet. His hair is light brown and his pendant is missing. Allen's second alternate takes the appearance of his nobody, Lexaln; Allen gains black tight pants, a white button-down shirt with a blue sash over it, and a light blue open blazer over this. He also wears a red scarf, along with black, untidy hair, and red eyes.

Allen's Shade, Melancholy Vagrant, is colored light blue.



Allen is a fast, speedy fighter. He is described as a Speedy Slicer. Next to Owen Stevens, he is the fastest character. His extreme speed is counteracted by the fact that he has almost no magic attacks and low defense.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Quick Strike
Ground Default
A quick slide forward. If the hit connects, Allen follows with a string of quick combos, ending with a quick strike.
Strike Attack
Aerial Level 5
Allen throws his sword at the opponent, catches it, and then kicks them, if it connects.
Strike Raid
Ground Default
Throw weapon at enemy.
Dash and Blast
Ground Level 14
Allen kicks the opponent. If it connects, he runs circles around them, finally slashing them into the air.
Aerial Level 20
Allen encases his Keyblade in light, and then throws it at the opponent, causing extreme damage.
Aerial Default
Allen flips over the opponent (dodging attacks) and kicks them to the ground.
Epic Niche
Aerial Level 29
Allen suddenly falls to the ground, spinning his sword and himself. If the opponent is hit, it does great damage.
Water Kill
Ground Level 32
Allen encases his sword in water and attacks in front of him. If it connects, Allen traps the enemy in a water bubble and drowns them for Brave damage.

Brave to Brave Attacks

These are attacks obtained from mastering other attacks.

Move Type Chains from Description
Aqua Blast
Ground Quick Strike
Throws water from sword, causing continual Brave damage, similar to a Poison.
Aerial Strike Attack
Follows opponent and cuts them 3 more times.
Additional effect: Chase
Aerial Kill
Ground Dash and Blast
Follows opponent into the air, and throws them into a wall (or away from him).
Additional effect: Wall Rush

HP Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Geo Impact
Ground Default
Allen throws his sword at the ground, causing rocks to rush up from the floor with HP damage.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Brutal Blast
Ground Level 8
Allen twirls around, catching the enemy, jumps, and falls down, hitting his Keyblade to the opponent for HP damage.
Ground Default
Cut the opponent at the speed of light, leaving no time for escape.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Azore Blood
Ground and Aerial Default
Stab the opponent, pull out more swords and cut the opponent to ribbons. Allen takes his original sword at the end, leaving him vulnerable.
Slice Quint
Aerial Level 24
Allen flies to the opponent and slices them 5 times, spitting in their face for HP damage.
Aerial Level 32
Allen flies to the opponent and cuts them in a flurry, and blasts them away with a huge ball of pure light.

EX Mode

Destiny - Allen summons light to empower him, giving him the ability to glide and add extra hits to his attacks. Regen is also activated, which slowly regenerates his HP, and his dodges make him invincible for a short amount of time.

Under development...

Ex Burst

Awakening - Allen first summons light to his opponent, trapping and hitting them. The player then has to press the correct sequence of buttons (similar to Firion's EX Burst from Dissidia), and if the series is correct, Allen glides through the opponent, cutting them 10 times. He finished this off by burning them with light and summoning a super nova onto them. The move is finished with him standing on an Dive to The Heart stand.

If the buttons are incorrect, Allen cuts the opponent 3 times, and falters, stopping the attack. He is seen standing on the Dive stand, with it cracked and breaking.


Allen Trius/Destiny's Reach/Quotes


Name Level Stats Effects
50 To Be Determined To Be Determined
Dreams of Home
86 To Be Determined To Be Determined
100 To Be Determined To Be Determined

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