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Kana アリス (Arisu)
Type Somebody
Role Protaganist
Age 15
Home World Metropolia
Weapon Solar Disks
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Alice is a former resident of Metropolia, before it was taken by the Heartless. She was then captured by Nexko and then rescued by Kexon, a childhood friend. Shortly after this she joined Kingdom Come. She is the daughter of the Empress of Metropolia, Lacabella Ghoneway.


Life Before

Alice Ghoneway didn't have an easy life, despite being the rightful heir to the throne of Metropolia, and therefore a princess. Her father died about when she was ten years old and when her mother took the throne, Alice was often alone, waiting for her busy mother who was in a meeting. Fortunately she met a boy named Neko and his sister, Zoë, whose parents were usually in the same meeting, and they all soon became best friends. Her life, however, was plauged with secrets due to her mother's attempts to stop her husband's death. Even through all this, Alic remained blissfully unaware, and lived a basically normal life, under the circumstances. Everything changed though, when the Heartless came.


When Metropolia was engulfed in darkness, Alice awoke in Nightverse along with many others from her home world. Nexko found them, wandering through a strange land, and attempted to capture them, in hopes of testing his newest experiments on the terrified and confused people. Afraid of breaking down the molecular integrity of the Nightverse with his experiments, Nexko searched for a portal to another reality in the Multiverse. He eventually found one in Castle Oblivion, which he immediately traveled through, eventually leading to the transportation of his victims to Radiant Garden. While there, Alice's unconcious body was engulfed in pure light for extended periods of time, giving her power over the element. She was eventually rescued by Kexon, who took her to Castle Oblivion, where she would join Kingdom Come.

Kingdom Come

When Xyla arrived at Castle Oblivion, the two of them became fast friends. Alice even convinced Kexon to let her join Kingdom Come. However, as time wore on, she began to suspect that her first impression of her might've been wrong as a series of mental lapses clouded Xyla's judgement.

Weapon and Fighting Style

Alice weilds twin Solar Disks, two circular metal weapons that strap to her hands. These help her channel her powers over light.


For most of the first three arcs, Alice has layered brown hair, a color matching her piercing eyes. During this time period, she wore a black short sleeved buton-up top, decorated with a few basically useless zippers. Accompanied by this are faded jeans that cover her form-fitting shoes.

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