Alex the Lion
Alex in a cage
Kana アレックスライオン
Origin Madagascar
Original Name Alakay
Alias Alakay (by Zuka, Florrie and Makunga)

Alice (by Stefano)

Type Lion
Role Starlight Prince, Protagonist
Age 18
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Home World Dimension of Speaking Animals
Family Zuba (Father)
Florrie (Mother)
Gia (Girlfriend)
Weapon Claws, teeth
Status Alive
English Voice Ben Stiller

Alex the Lion is the 1st Starlight Prince.

Stained Glass Window

Alex the Lion Stained Glass


Starlight Princes

Jack Frost

He never gets along with him.


They're good friends.

Flynn Rider

Flynn annoys Alex with his sarcasm

Yugi Mutou

Coming Soon

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