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Alex Wolf
Name Alex Wolf
Kana アレックスウルフ
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts The Data Book
Type Human
Alignment Good
Age 14
Rival Xela
Weapon Wolf Blade
Attribute Can Switch

Alex Wolf is a character appearing in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts as the hero representing Kingdom Hearts The Data Book. He was summoned by Riku to oppose the "Dark Sora" that was corrupting the worlds, opposed by Xela.


Alex, Has a Dark blue jacket with an outline of Light blue. Under his Jacket he wears a Grey short sleeve shirt. He wears Red pants and Grey socks, And also wears Black shoes with White on them. His Sword the Wolf Blade, Has a Dark Red Handle with a Small Black with head with Bat like wings. The Blade part has the words Wolf on it and is Grey. Alex's Shade Fabricated Youth is Blue and Red.



HP Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Earth Smasher
Ground Default
Alex Slams his sword into the ground, causing rocks to rush up from the floor with smacking his enemies for HP damage.
Additional Effect: Stun
Air Slicer
Aerial Level 10
Alex flies to the opponent and combo slices them for HP damage.
Fire Balls
Aerial Level 20
Alex fires 5 Fireballs into the opponent and combos them for HP damage.
Lightning Slash
Aerial Level 30
Alex Uses lightning on the opponent and slash's them for HP damage.
Light Beam Slash
Aerial Level 100
Alex Uses Light on the opponent and combos slash's them for HP damage.

Brave Attacks


Name Level Stats Effects
Wolf's Sword
50 To Be Determined To Be Determined
Rainbow Blade
50 To Be Determined To Be Determined
A Memory's Data Past
80 To Be Determined To Be Determined
Wolf Blade
100 To Be Determined To Be Determined

EX Mode


Alex Wolf/Destiny's Reach/Quotes

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