Along with numerous specific powers, which are listed below, Alex also has strength, speed, agility, and agility that far exceed those of normal people.

Sensory Abilities

Alex Mercer's senses have been augmented by the BLACKLIGHT virus, and are more effective than those of normal humans. In addition, he has developed two additional senses.

  • Thermal Vision: This ability allows Alex to see heat signatures, enabling him to ignore smokescreens and other factors that would make visibility deteriorate. However, its range is inferior to his normal eyesight.
  • Infected Vision: When Alex uses this ability, other beings infected with BLACKLIGHT appear to have a bright yellow aura around them, even if they show no other visible signs of infection (i.e. carriers). It also allows him to detect potential threats out of a crowd. While using this vision, however, it gradually weakens him for a short time, and his hearing is also impaired.

Defensive Abilities

Alex Mercer has developed two abilities that provide some sort of defensive support.

  • Shield: The Shield nullifies all damage while it's active, which is either for one minute or until it takes 25000 damage. Once it "breaks", the Shield cannot be used until it regenerates completely, which takes five minutes (in-battle), or two-minutes (out of battle).
  • Armor: this power has no time limit and will reduce all damage to 40%, but it prevents double-jumping, gliding, and generally slows down Alex. Combining this power with Blade or Musclemass is arguably the best power combo he has.

Weaponized Powers

By shifting biomass to different parts of his body, and in different amounts/ways, Alex can "shapeshift" his arms into a variety of weapons, which can range from bludgeons to blades.

  • Claws: Alex's fastest power, but his second weakest.
  • Whipfist: Alex's weakest power, but second fastest. This is pretty much his only ranged attack form.
  • Hammerfist: Alex's slowest power, but also his most powerful. It has large, area of effect attacks.
  • Musclemass: Arguably Alex's best power, as it increases physical strength drastically, but range is pretty much the same as normal melee.
  • Blade: Arguably Alex's best power. It's not as fast as the Claws, nor as powerful as the Hammerfist, but combines those traits. It can also pierce through any type of armor.


  • Consume/Disguise

Alex is able to "consume" other life-forms, adding their biomass to his own. He becomes able to use their likeness for a disguise, and also has total access to their memories, so that it's nearly impossible to detect him, unless one can detect the virus.

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