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800px-Alderney City Skyline


"Welcome to Alderney the Worst place in Kingdom Hearts universe...But to me the best!" -Ayano Katagiri

Alderney is the area where is missions appear in Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant, but having Most missions that appear in Kingdom Hearts: The Holy Blade Order Also,

This is also the City where Malevolence buys her weapons and Malevolence's Favorite area.


Alderney is a borough located west of Algonquin in Liberty City that is featured in The Final Remnant this area is where

the Holy Blade Order's HQ is located. It is very similar to New Jersey. Along with multiple Mafia Familes.


Notable Residents


Empire State of Mind


  • Alderney is an area in Grand Theft Auto 4's Liberty City.
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