Alchemy Runes
Strength Magic
5+ 1+
Owen Stevens, Stella Miller
Clear the first visit to Central City

Alchemy Runes is a Keyblade wielded by Owen Stevens and Stella Miller in the fan-series Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. It is obtained after the first visit to Central City.


The teeth are formed from a transmutation circle at the top of the shaft, with a diamond-shaped tip. A winged serpent coils down the shaft, curling around a cross formed at the top of the guard, which is formed by the serpent's wings that stretch down to the end of the hilt. A crown-like object connects the wings and hilt by its underside. The keychain is a basic six-pointed transmutation circle.

The whole shaft's design is modeled after an Alchemist's Flamel symbol, which is the winged serpent coiling around a cross.

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