Japanese Gouki
Origin Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)
Alias Oni, Cyber Akuma, Mecha Gouki
Type Somebody
Role Chaotic/Neutral Villain, Secret Boss
Home World Earth
Other residences Japan
Family Gouken (Brother), Ryu (Adoptive Nephew)
Attribute Satsui no Hadou
Status Alive
English Voice Dave Mallow
Japanese Voice Tomomichi Nishimura
Akuma (a.k.a. Gouki in Japan)is a cold and extremely powerful warrior, tied to Ryu's past, whose sole reason for being is to hone his fighting skills by battling and destroying strong foes. He fought as a boss twice in Superhero Keyblade Wars, first in his normal state, and then in his Cyber Akuma form, which has not been seen since Marvel Superheroes VS Street Fighter, as an optional boss after Apocalypse has been defeated.

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