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AkuJuuOh Maximus is one of the Demonizer Eight Generals in Superhero Keyblade Wars.  Akujuuoh (悪獣王, lit. "Evil Beast King") and his legions of evil beasts are charged with devouring the Earth's food supply to force the human race to serve Demonizer, or starve to death.

He was destroyed by the Super Sentai.

AkuJuuOh Maximus
Kana 悪獣王
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Type Robot
Role Villain
Weapon Ankoku HyakuJuuKen (Dark Hundred Beast Sword)
Attribute Feral Instinct
Status Destroyed
English Voice Lex Lang
Japanese Voice Ryo Horikawa


  • AkuJuuOh is based on the Decepticon Combiner Predaking from "Transformers". His design also evokes some physical traits of Bahamut, the recurring summon creature from Final Fantasy.
  • Much like GoLion/Voltron, AkuJuuOh has beast's heads (tiger, eagle, rhino, bull) for feet and hands, and the lion head design on his chest pays tribute to GaoGaiGar.
  • His growls and grunts in all versions are performed by Yukio Yamagata, the vocalist for Gaoranger's opening theme.
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