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Aka Renger
Kana アカレンジャー
Romaji Akarenjā
Origin Himitsu Sentai GoRenger (1975)
Alias Tsuyoshi Kaijou, Red Ranger
Type Human
Role Hero
Home World Earth
Other residences Japan
Weapon Red Zing, blaster, GoRenger Ball, Mjolnir (temporarily)
Status Alive
English Voice Nolan North
Japanese Voice Naoya Makoto (archive audio in game)
Tomokazu Seki (anime)

Tsuyoshi Kaijou / Aka Renger is the real first Red Ranger and leader of Himitsu Sentai GoRenger, formed by the Earth Guard League (EAGLE), an international peacekeeping organization, devoted to protecting the world from the secret terrorist society, the "Kuro Jujigun" (Black Cross Army).


When the Shin Avengers finally got to the GoRengers, Tsuyoshi personally congratulated Shin for his efforts to earn the Super Sentai's collective trust, one team at a time. Together, the GoRengers and Shin Avengers destroy the Iron Man Mk. 47 and Quinte-Mask, and then learn from Aka Red about an ancient God of Destruction who chose Thanos and Tony Stark for a terrifying purpose.

Aka Renger leads the Super Sentai division of the Avengers Sentai Army during the Battle of Starktopia 01, and fights Lord Drakkon at the top of the Iron Babel, destroying his Hellfriede with the use of a reconstructed Mjolnir.

After Shin destroys Tony Stark, Tsuyoshi helps talk Pepper out of killing herself, only to watch her be struck down by the True Iron Majin, but he avenges her by destroying the evil god along with Shin, Spidey, Shuri, Gokai Silver, and Kiba Ranger piloting Mugen DaiZyuJin. After helping rebuild New York and attending Pepper Potts' funeral and Shin's speech, Tsuyoshi returned to the Tokuverse with the GoRengers and Super Sentai.


  • AkaRenger was the subject of an April Fools joke in 2012 on the actual Kingdom Hearts wikia.
  • Nolan North also voiced Overdrive Red Ranger and Goldar in Power Rangers Super Legends.
  • In Marvel VS Super Sentai, Tomokazu Seki also does the voices of male Rangers whose original actors are either dead, retired, or otherwise unavailable, such as Ki Renger(GoRenger) and Shishi Ranger(Dairanger).
  • His use of Mjolnir against Lord Drakkon is a callback to Captain America using the same hammer against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.