Ai Town
Ai Town Logo
Origin Original
Stories Kingdom Hearts Reloaded
Theme Music Calm Piano Music
Battle Music Sons of War
Party Member Heira

Ai Town ( あいとし, Ai Toshi) is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded. The world is the home of the main character of Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded, Houka, a young boy with the power to wield the Keyblade.


According to Houka, when he describes his world to Kira in Traverse Town, Ai Town is a seemingly endless town with modern technology. It was unknown to Houka just how large and expansive the town was as even he, who lived in the town, hadn't been able to explore it all before he was swept away by a storm of darkness. There are
Ai Town
many residents of Ai Town, the majorty are unknown of course with the main residents being only Houka himself and Heira.

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