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Agrabah KHII
Origin Kingdom Hearts II's version of Agrabah
Stories Kingdom Hearts: For True Story
Theme Music A Day In Agrabah
Battle Music Arabian Dream
Party Member None

Agrabah is a minor world appearing in Kingdom Hearts: For True Story.

Kingdom Hearts: For True Story Plot Significance

Minor Appearance

Agrabah first appeared in Chapter 20 when a young man and a princess were traversing the streets of Agrabah when the remaining Unversed attacked under Dark Namine's influence. When they both were backed into a corner, however, thanks to several Keybearers, the Unversed disappeared, and the man soon chased after a small monkey who had apparently stolen something from a nearby trinket stand.


Agrabah was described as dusty, old, and crumbling when it first appeared in KH:FTS. Lumber, ropes, and scaffolds were everywhere, indicating the rebuilding of Agrabah (as per what Xigbar pointed out to Roxas in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days). The only areas shown in Agrabah was a small Marketplace and what seemed to be an alleyway of sorts near the marketplace.



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