Agnes Gru
Agnes Gru
Origin Despicable Me
Original Name Agnes Gru
Alias Princess (by Gru, Dru, Amy, Kobe, Jaden, Daisy and Molly)
Cute Girl (by Sonic and Kobe)
Girl-That-Screams-A-Lot (by Jaden)
Miss Adorable (by Kobe, Carina and Huron)
Type Human
Role Party Character
Age 6
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Home World Freedonia
Family Felonius Gru (Adoptive Father)
Lucy Wilde (Adoptive Mother)
Dru Gru (Adoptive Uncle)
Edith Gru (Older sister)
Margo Gru (Oldest sister)
Weapon Scream
Status Alive
English Voice Nev Scharrel
Agnes Gru is a character in Speedy Hearts who was originally from Despicable Me and it's two sequels. 


She got surprised when she saw Sonic and Tails land in front of her. Agnes introduced herself along with the rest of her family and the minions. Sonic and his friends do the same thing. Amy told her that she loves Sonic and would do anything to marry him. Agnes whispers in Sonic's ear that Amy loves him. She and her family decided to help Sonic. She got surprised when she found out that Sonic and his friends are from another world and she said she wondered what other worlds look like. She and her family travel to Corona where she meets Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal and Maximus. They also travel to The Caribbean where they wear pirate clothes (Agnes has a pink sailor hat with a gold shirt and red pants, but her hair remains the same).


Liam (Ship name: Liagnes)

Agnes is impressed that Liam and Molly can understand animals and that Max and his friends can talk to her. She asks Liam and Molly to teach her and does so. She eventually succeeds in talking to animals. She thanks Liam with a hug and he gladly returns it which made Agnes take a liking towards him. She whispers in his ear asking him if Amy gets angry if Sonic dumps and he replies that she does.


Not much is known about Snowball and Agnes, but she loves him because he's so fluffy and adorable, which made Lucky think she's dumping him. She also gave him a hug when Jeremy died.


Agnes was impressed that Molly can understand animals. She asks Molly if she and Liam can teach her and they do so. Agnes also knows that Molly loves Snowball too, but she doesn't mind her being with Snowball. Agnes also told Molly that she loves her, Liam and Snowball.

Sora (Ship name: Soragnes)

"Sora, I'm so sorry that happened. I'll be there for you."

Agnes and Sora are best friends. Both of them know that Amy is in love with Sonic. Agnes tells Sora she loves him and will do anything to help him. Agnes also comforts Sora when he cries about Elsa and Olaf's deaths. Agnes alongside Sonic, Classie, Edith and Jack defend him when he gets insulted by Captain Salazar.


Rapunzel and Agnes have a lot in common. They both love fashion and Agnes loves princesses. Agnes even is happy for her when she tells her friends that her and Eugene are married.

Carina Smyth

Agnes complimented Carina's looks and she said thanks. Carina then said that she loves kids. Agnes felt bad for Carina when her father, Hector Barbossa died and wanted to give her a hug.



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