"So...shall we demonstrate why victory is mine?"
—Agatha Oldfield
Agatha Christine Oldfield
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Odyssey
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist
Age 15
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Home World Middleburg, Earth
Family Graham Oldfield (Father)
Agatha Oldfield Sr. (Mother)
Kurt Oldfield (Younger twin brother)
Weapon Keyblade
Status Alive
English Voice Olivia Olson
Japanese Voice Ai Kakuma

Agatha Oldfield is one of the main protagonists of Kingdom Hearts: Odyssey. Older twin sister to Kurt and a top-ranker in her class where she's classmates with both her brother and Benjamin.


Agatha is a young girl of slightly-above average height and a slyphlike figure, honing it to her years as a talented dancer and a proficient fencer.




To the students studying at the same school as hers while being unfamiliar with, Agatha puts up a rather cold front whose astute intellect and unyielding seriousness makes her someone that is not meant to be mocked. She doesn't take sides whenever she voices a peaceful resolution during a conflict, often advising both sides to do something that makes them more useful towards society, all the while stating in a blunt and straightforward manner. Agatha would also show a very strict attitude when given a major role in a school activity that not even her brother or Benjamin would dare talk back at her, at least not aloud. Her strictness isn't limited to academic events, as such she can be quite irritable towards the tomfoolery of whatever worlds she travels.

Powers & Abilities


  • Acrobatic Finesse: ....
  • Intelligence: ....


Thanks to her knowledge in fencing, Agatha exhibits outstanding skill as a Keyblade wielder. Stemming from her fencing experience, her fighting style revolves around the utilization of deft stabs.

Being a Keyblade wielder grants her a plethora of heightened abilities, these include;

  • Enhanced Strength: A feature commonly seen with Keyblade wielders. While not as strong as her brother, Agatha has shown to cut large objects in two with clear precision. She was able to throw a Raptor Pseudo-Heartless against the wall of a saloon after its tail was caught by her arms after a failed attempt of flailing her.
  • Enhanced Speed: Agatha casually shows off speeds enhanced by her status as a Keyblade wielder. She can easily reach a distant enemy right after finishing one, hastily navigate through the bustling marketplace in Neocropolis, keep up some with the multiverse's fastest beings, and gracefully dodge precise laser beams that would have easily turned a normal target into dust.
  • Enhanced Durability: Agatha can shrug off attacks that are normally fatal to the average joe. Like the rest of team, Agatha has shown to land on her feet from great heights without negative effects.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Agatha can keep up with hordes of Pseudo-Heartless without showing signs of fatigue.

Magic Mastery

Miscellaneous Information


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