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Aeris Gainsborough
Aeris Gainsborough KHANG
Kana エアリスゲインズブール
Origin Final Fantasy VII
Alias Aerith
Role Ally
Age 22
Home World The Planet
Weapon Guard Stick
Status Dead

Aeris Gainsborough, also known as Aerith, is an ally in Kingdom Hearts: A New Generation. She appears in the world The Planet.

Journal Entry

Kingdom Hearts: A New Generation

A young shy girl who works for AVALANCHE

She is a friend of Cloud, and helps him in his adventures


Aeris, the last of her kind, was recruited by AVALANCHE at the Lifestream. Having of fallen in love with Cloud Strife, she was determined to help him. The party eventually came across a large creature. When defeated, it dissolved into the form of Sephiroth, who cut down all but her, Cloud, Sol, and Tifa. The four battled with Sephiroth. Aeris noticed Sephiroth throwing a final attack at Cloud. Without a second thought, she threw herself in front of Cloud, and was impaled by Sephiroth. She then lay on the ground, barely alive, watching Cloud battle again. Then as she watched Sephiroth fall to his knees, Cloud picked her up, and submerged her in the Lifestream...


Aeris retians her appearance from Final Fantasy VII. She wears a dark pink vest over top of a light pink skirt, and light pink shoes.


Aeris is a rather upbeat and cheerful girl, and tends to try and cheer up her friends when they are sad. She is very positive and optimistic, and always wears a smile.

Fighting Style

Aeris's fighting style is only seen in the battle with Gaia Destructor and the first battle against Sephiroth, where she has no stats and acts completely of her own accord. She is highly skilled in magic, and uses her stave to cast complex spells. Her abilites are as follows:

  • Healing Wind: Cures the whole party by half their HP
  • Seat Evil: Paralyzes and silences all enemies
  • Breath of the Earth: Cures all negative status effects
  • Fury Brand: Increases the power of all party members
  • Planet Protector: Gives all party members temporary invincibility
  • Pulse of Life: Fully restores HP and MP and cures all negative status effects
  • Great Gospel: Fully restores HP and MP of whole party and makes the party temporarily invincible

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