Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past
Alias Celestial Guardian of Light,
Age Ancient
Gender Male
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Aeon, more occasionally referred formally as the Celestial Gaurdian of Light, is an all powerful and ancient primordial being show as born from the time of creation alongside Valdrann as the two were split in two opposites; he is the entity that is created of light while his counterpart is darkness.


Aeon appears to take the form of a young lean built humanoid with white skin and long flowing hair passing down his waist. Bearing black swirling tattoos on both his arms and three red horns sprouting from his head; both on the side of his head and the middle from his forehead.


As the embodiments of light, Aeon respects all life and shows no sign of being superior to anyone, even to gods for that matter despite being so well known among the other powerful beings. However, Aeon does show a sense of authority when it comes to the balance and laws of nature among worlds and not interfere unless needed to, allowing them to grown pin their own. Even if he was powerful among his equal, Valdrann, despite being the destroyer and embodiment of chaos, Aeon could not defeat him for both Of them are connected but will do what is necessary to keeep the balance. But that doesn’t mean he would grant those worthy of the Keyblade or power to protect and restore order to the worlds.


From the birth of the universe, Aeon was created from the purest of light while Valdrann was created from darkness. Both sides have struggled with one another while Valdrann sought to bring chaos and destruction throughout existence, Aeon believed only in balance for the two sides to co-exist. With Kingdom Hearts as the source of everything he used a portion of his light to create celestial weapons for chosen individuals to counter the forces darkness influenced by the Shadow Emperor; the Keyblades.


Aeon is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, given that he is the embodiment of light and the opposite of his dark counterpart. Aeon is immortal and impervious to physical attacks, despite his physical appearance his strength is without limit and can take on even the Son of Zeus.

  • Trans-dimensial Jump: Aeon can travel any world and dimension at his limit by the instant of a mere thought without alerting anyone of his presence.
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