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Normal Form

Attacking Abilities, Limits and spells

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Finisher move
Mag stat
Limit AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
The Other Side
A Limit move that uses all MP.
((MP used/10)*Mag stat*(1-Light defence %))+((MP used/10)*Mag stat*(1-Darkness defence %))+((MP used/10)*Mag stat*(1 - Twilight defence %))+((MP used/10)*Str stat)-(3*Mag Defence+Phy Defence)
Spell MP Cost Description Damage
10 MP
Recovers (20 + MAG)HP
30 MP
Reflects (40 + MAG)HP of damage


Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description
Damage Drive
2 AP
0 MP
Exp Boost
3 AP
0 MP
2 AP
0 MP
Form Reversal
0 AP
0 MP
Auto equipped - Whenever a form, apart from Final, is used, there is a chance that the Reverse Form takes over.

Note: All forms, except for Reverse Form, can Lvl up. By Lvling up, they last longer, and unlock extra abilities.

Light Form

300DP - 300DP base Form Guage. Shoot, Magic and Item

Note: Magic stat is used in place of Strength stat with normal attacks

Shadow Form

300DP - 300DP base Form Guage. Attack and Item

Twilight Form

500DP - 400DP base Form Guage. Attack, Magic and Item

Final Form

600DP - 200DP base Form Guage. Attack and Limit



Reverse Form

All DP - 700DP Form Guage. Attack only.


Ability MP Cost Description
Reverse Damage
0 MP
All damage received is increased to 1.5x
Guage Reversal
0 MP
Anything that would normally recover DP used will instead reduce the DP.
Zero EXP
0 MP
No EXP is gained in Reverse Form
5 MP
When attacked, Reverse Adam can reverse attacks and combine them with his own.
Drive Lock
0 MP
Adam can not revert to normal form until the Drive Guage is emptied
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