Absolon Laurent
Kana アブソロン
Alias Sol
Type Human
Role Protaganist
Pact Wielder
Age 19 (LiB)
28 (RoI)
Home World Riviere Armour
Family Martel (Father)
Marie (Mother)
Alain (Brother)
Weapon Dreamslayer
Attribute Spatial Dimensions
"The free spirit, he simply lets life lead him as it may, as he is thoroughly enjoying the ride."

Absolon Laurent is one of the main characters in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. A Pact Wielder, he represents the Heartless. He is only playable in the second arc, Life is Beautiful.



L'appel du vide...


Clad in mostly black, Absolon wears a ragged t-shirt, baggy jeans, and leather shoes. A silver studded belt, red and blue wristbands and aviator sunglasses complete his look. His short dark hair is always styled into a fauxhawk.


By far the most enthusiastic and charismatic of the Pact Wielders, he is a natural born leader, and doesn't feel comfortable in a situation where he's not totally in control. It's one of the few times where he ever feels uncomfortable, considering Absolon's happy-go-lucky nature. Cool and confident, his overwhelming charm and sense of humor both compliment his habit of skirtchasing, though most women are repulsed because of his dirty mouth, and the fact that he often tries too hard. A true libertine lies in his darker half. However, his heart is true, and unendingly loyal to those he considers his true friends.


  • Absolon's reflected real-world nationality is French.
  • Absolon's name in the development phase was Liechtenthal.

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