Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
Origin Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2004)
Alias Broodwing
The Freeza of the Tokuverse
Type Alien
Role Villain
Alignment Stark Administration
Home World Rain Planet
Other residences Earth
Weapon Various illegal WMDs
Status Deceased
English Voice Paul Eiding
Japanese Voice Ryusei Nakao

Rainian Agent Abrella is a recurring enemy of S.P.D., and a very well known face in the intergalactic black market. He has access to a vast array of illegal products and weapons of mass destruction, which he supplied to Alienizers who were fought by the Dekarangers.

He is now doing the same for Lord Drakkon and Iron Majin in the latter's selfish war against the Avengers and all Super Sentai[1], up until his death at the hands of Black Widow and Spider Man during the Battle of Starktopia 01.[2]


Abrella is a very ruthless psychopath and cunning arms dealer who cares for little else than money, to the point that his business has caused the destruction of entire galaxies and sapient races throughout the Tokuverse. Knowing this, Drakkon was able to buy him off with the promise of "more than enough money to turn a whole barren planet into his own casino", likely for money laundering purposes.

Shin Seigi and Rhodey described Abrella as the kind of ruthless businessman Tony Stark would have become if he had never became Iron Man, much less realized the folly of his own greed. Abrella aptly applauds Iron Majin(and by extension his former moniker of "the Merchant of Death") as the ultimate example of a man who embraces the same megalomaniacal desires as him[3]. He even offered to have the Dekarangers exterminated for free, due to his long-unsettled grudge against them.


  • "Finally, a man with the same avaricious ambitions as I!"[1]
  • "You are not the only one who's been called the Merchant of Death!"[1] - to Iron Majin
  • "I have destroyed countless galaxies. I will not be beaten on this backwards planet!"
  • "Iron Man allows me to jumpstart crime as a business, and I let him stop crime to remain in power! It's the ultimate "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" scenario!" - explaining his new business cycle.
  • "You struggle to have everything you want, but the universe will always conspire to ensure that you don't!"[2][4] - taunting Pepper.
  • "Your selfish desire to "save" your husband, against the wishes of your allies, makes you just as much a living weapon of mass destruction as him!"[2]
  • "Everyone possesses the same latent wickedness as me! Crime will never disappear!"[2][3]


  • Shin Seigi briefly addressed Abrella as an "evil Batman", with the dark irony being that the famed DC Comics superhero uses his fortune to fight crime, whilst Abrella supports crime for money.
    • He also calls Abrella "the Freeza of the Tokuverse", due to them being major villains who dabble in the black market and sharing the same japanese voice actor.
  • Abrella's depiction as being a major villain working for the main antagonist ironically echoes his Power Rangers counterpart's status, except Abrella had not been shown to consider turning on Iron Majin or Lord Drakkon, as Broodwing had turned on Emperor Grumm.
    • Abrella was inducted into the Stark Administration due in part to SPD's popularity as one of the strongest Disney-era seasons.
  • His crimes include terrorism, mass destruction/murder, framing, assault, extortion, starting wars, black marketing and collusion with other criminal entities. Marvel VS Super Sentai adds aiding and abetting government corruption to the list.
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