AbaRenOh ~ Thundersaurus Megazord.jpg
Origin Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger (2003)
Alias Thundersaurus Megazord
Type Blastasaur / Robot
Role Summon
Home World Dino Earth
Other residences Earth
Weapon Abare Drill, Twintail Sword
Attribute Dino Guts
Status Alive
English Voice Crispin Freeman(Tyranno),
Neil Ross(Tricera),
Tress MacNeille(Ptera),
J.J. Perry(Brachio)
Japanese Voice Takashi Nagasako(Tyranno),
Koki Miyata(Tricera),
Emi Shinohara(Ptera),
Banjo Ginga(Brachio)

AbaRenOh is the main giant robot of the Abarangers. The Blastasaurs who form it are from Dino Earth, an alternate dimension where some of the dinosaurs relocated to escape their supposed extinction.


  • Blast Tyrannosaurus- Aba Red's Blastasaur partner, who forms AbaRenOh's head, body, legs, and left arm.
  • Blast Triceratops- Abare Blue's Blastasaur partner, who forms AbaRenOh's right arm.
  • Blast Pteranodon- Abare Yellow's Blastasaur partner, who forms AbaRenOh's chest and helmet.
  • Blast Brachiosaurus- Abare Black's Blastasaur partner, who carries the main three Blastasaurs into battle and can detach his neck to replace AbaRenOh's left arm.
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