"Red" Willits
Origin The Mummy Returns (2000)
Type Somebody
Role Support Villain
Home World Egypt
Weapon Smith & Wesson Military & Police
Status Dead
"Red" Willits was a mercenary hired by Baltus Hafez to get the bracelet of Anubis, then the chest of the Book of the Dead.


Red and his cohorts Spivey and Jacques are first seen reporting to Hafez about their failure to acquire the Bracelet of Anubis. As Red threatens to shoot diggers if they didn't clear a path, Spivey reminds them Red shot someone before. As the failure is reported, Lock-Nah tells the three they need the bracelet before it opens. After the location is given out by Red, Hafez gives the mercenaries a different job. At a masoleum, Red, Spivey and Jacques battle the guards, kill them and acquire a chest that used to contain the Book of the Dead. As the mercs presented the chets to Hafez, Jacques reminds his employer that on the hieroglyphs translated that the undead will kill all who open the chest, suck them dry and become whole again. Red wanted a higher payment than the one he was assigned for, but Anck Su namun accepted the rewards and sent them and the chest to a different train car. In that car, Imhotep appears and Spivey opens the chest, thus invoking the curse onto him and his friends. First, Spivey is sucked dry then off-camera, Red and Jacques.

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